With fuel prices dropping like a stone, and a huge difference in gasoline pricing just 10 miles apart in these northeast towns, I can’t help but wonder, have we learned anything about the current trends and events that have a huge impact upon our lives?
I certainly hope so, but only time will tell.
Here’s my take.
1. Fuel prices soared, and stayed up because they could, without significant repercussions from any government authority. If you or I did that, we’d lose our licenses.
2. It’s not the last time we see this. Seems to me this strategy was tested after Katrina, and stuck this time. And I am sure its not over.
I think back to the gas lines of the 70s and lessons never learned. Instead, we get more dependent on foreign oil, and continue 35 years of incredible consumption. Next, we even gave our jobs away, make it incredibly difficult to do business in our own country, continue to line the pockets of special interests and set the stage for more corrupt politics. Now, other growing countries exhibit the same behavior.
And again in the USA, the biggest auto Companies Banks and Mortgage companies are looking for bailouts by the feds, while posting brutal losses and shareholders stock value plummets.
Gosh, it must be nice to screw up so bad, and still come out smelling like a rose. All in the face of warning signs and trends of not so long ago.
Like Yogi Berra said, “This is like deja vu all over again.”
So, what’s the point? Again, it’s Yogi’s words of wisdom…
“You can observe a lot just by watching.”
This type of human behavior in the face of rapid change could also have everything to do with your practice right now. Here is how I think it applies.
Lesson number one. The profitable and successful business and professional practice is built upon current trends, and they often are not necessarily at all the way we are used to thinking. Way, way outside the box. This is also the harsh reality of “future shock”.
Lesson number two. Alvin Toffler was so prophetic! Future Shock is modern mans greatest psychological affliction. Simply put, given half a chance, humans will screw up big time (and screw others) by failing to acknowledge and respond to the amount and rapid pace of change, in all areas of our world.
Lesson number three. Ignorance of important trends, changes and warnings hurts. It hurts people. It changes societies very quickly.
(And, it might just destroy everything that built America, a country that no longer teaches, or touches history on any scale like it used to. Collectively, very short memories for a very young country).
In any event, most of today’s doctors are just like most people in any important endeavor. Failure to thrive and especially prosper is often rooted squarely in these three closely related crucial errors.
Here they are in a slightly different format.
Ignorance of current trends.
Continuing to use antiquated tools, and this is a real biggie for such a smart group.
Not changing key life and business components (systems) until it’s very late in the game or disaster strikes).
Please remind yourself daily that ignorance is not bliss. In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster, in most everything.
Now the good news.
You can be a better doctor and businessperson! You can learn new skills; use new tools that operate better systems. You can still create a powerful life while rendering a unique set of services to your communities. You can earn a fantastic livelihood and save many lives and countless amounts of ill heath, humanities most basic needs. You can.
But only If…
Hopefully, your answers are obvious.

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