Why then, in the face of numerous challenges in practice today do so many Drs. just back away from essential decisions and allow their own futures to be jeopardized or their livelihood and professional futures held hostage?  Quite simply, I believe its fear, and most especially, not knowing what to do first.  They fear making a mistake going the wrong way or making the wrong choice.  They have always been taught to know what to do and what to say; when they reach a point where they don’t know the answers they are afraid of what to do.  Too many are afraid that there is something they don’t know and that people will not respect them because they are asking for help.  So many just shut down, and take the path of least resistance.


The good news is, with appropriate tools, you too can develop the learned skill of making rapid and more effective decisions.  That’s what I see from focused doctors.  That is why focused doctors are or learn new ways to become true care givers, and not insurance pawns.  In the process, they fall in love with their chiropractic practice once again.  Their practice blossoms, financial security and fulfillment ensue.  Focused people know what they want to achieve, in specific, detailed terms.  Successful doctors know this too, despite obstacles that might be encountered along the way.  They know there will be obstacles to overcome and that sometimes getting help is the right way to overcome that obstacle.  Remember you built your practice one step at a time.  To solve the problems will take one step at a time. 


 So, how can you get results?  Start by taking a hard look at where you are right now.  Have you drifted off course?  Have you followed what you have written in your mission statement?  More importantly, are your daily actions and attitudes moving you closer to your targets or not?  Don’t forget, your life right now is a product of the decisions you have made (or failed to) so far.  This of course includes your professional practice.  The first step in getting back on track is to acknowledge this fact.  Taking responsibility to act is paramount!


Since decision making is a skill, it can be learned.  But it has to be specific to the situations at hand.  The first thing to do is make one decision.  Then make the next decision.  What are the first and the next decisions?  The first decision is the hardest it is admitting you need to make a change to perhaps correct an urgent situation and get you back on track.  The next question though is often the hardest; “do I need help to make these changes and where can I get that help? ” Often the hardest part is to admit that you need help. There is just too much you don’t know. No one person can.


 Many times the most successful practices and doctors have one thing in common, they realize they didn’t know everything and looked for help.  This is where the council of others, such as coaches can really help, especially in a complex arena like today’s private healthcare practices.


And remember, real success is built upon strong foundations. What better way to achieve it than by working with those who have already mastered the skills you may need to acquire?  After all if you look at other trades you will note that they move from apprentice to tradesman to journeyman to master.  However, there are times when they have a guild conference.  What is the point of a guild conference?  When one master has made a discovery or found something that helps him become better, he calls a conference and then imparts that discovery onto the other masters so that they can use it.  Reaching out and asking for help is not a sign of weakness but one of strength.  The wise and most successful know they do not know everything they need but they learn where to look for the help they need and then ask the experts of that field to help them.  The most difficult part of this situation is reaching out and asking for help.  Once you start reaching out, you find there are people out there who know what to do and how to do it.   


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