Core Strength and Balance (Part III)

Like my ski adventure, enormous quantum and exponential gains in practice are really about simultaneously mastering (The Steps) time tested, core principles, which form a rock solid life and practice.
Then adding high performance tools and systems (The Platform) for producing maximum gains! The bigger you want your practice, the more systems you add that produce revenue!
You probably know by now I am nuts about the core strengths, and what happens when they are missing in practice and especially in life. I still remember, and my friends will tell you 20 years ago even, it would always drive me bezerk when one of my colleagues would complain about practice (how hard it was, patients won’t pay, staff is killing me, you know all the usual gripes, insurance companies still suck).
In my early days, I really had no patience for complaining, (and still don’t). These same complaints from doctors haven’t changed much, but I learned very early on in practice that there are right and wrong ways of dealing with these realities, some of which are in the long term especially very counterproductive.
Because by year four in practice 200+ visits were already reality.
I had an associate, and a big paycheck. And I was building a fabulous private life, even while getting an MS and DABCO! Every time practice or the environment changed, I went to mentors, masterminded and then redesigned systems that worked better. And when things got really tough 11 years into practice I totally reinvented my practice, and have done so at least twice since then!

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