With winter off to a quick start, and better December snow than we have had in the North East in many years, I hit the slopes last Friday for the first time this season.
This was the fresh, deep and sticky snow. Again, real unusual in recent memory in December in New England. Now, those of you who ski downhill know that first run can be tentative, and rightly should be.
I had been unable to workout (running) for a week after some minor surgery, so I was not really as sharply conditioned as usual. So I was a little apprehensive and vowed to my wife not to go nuts the first day out.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m in decent shape. I have run for 30 years, and the last few years have added back a few races, some real trail running, and even a run ‘til you barf trail race last fall.
This past year though, I have trained harder since January, having run several 10ks and a 20k hill run, 12-14 mile training runs and maintained a disciplined regimen of road and trail running. I have added more spinal stability, calisthenics, stretching and balance exercises. I also do some biking when I can.
Anyway, I get to my favorite local mountain, conditions are great, and crowds were surprisingly minimal. No sweat with a great parking spot either. I had a little boot trouble, before I realized my right ankle was a little swollen and tender, but with a change in latch adjustments I soon felt great in the boots (which is so critical to performance).
(to be continued)

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