So, how can you get results? Start by taking a hard look at where you are right now. Have you drifted off course? Have you followed what you have written in your mission statement? More importantly, are your daily actions and attitudes moving you closer to your targets or not?
Don’t forget, your life right now is a product of the decisions you have made (or have failed to make) so far. This includes your professional practice. The first step in getting back on track is to acknowledge this fact. Taking on the responsibility to act is paramount!
The first decision you have to make is often the most difficult – admitting you need to make a change. You might need to make a decision that requires you to correct an urgent situation in order to get back on track. These types of decisions can be difficult.
The next question is also challenging – “Do I need help to make these changes, and where can I get that help?” Often the hardest part is to admit that you need help. There is just too much you don’t know. No one person can know everything.
(To be continued)

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