Life is a Checkerboard

One recent morning while re-reading Napoleon Hill, I came across this quote:
“Life is a checkerboard and the player opposite you is time. If you hesitate before moving, or neglect to move promptly, your men will be wiped off the board by time. You are playing against a partner who will not tolerate indecision.” (Emphasis added)
Why then, in the face of numerous practice challenges do so many doctors just back away from essential decisions? Why do they allow their own futures to be jeopardized and their livelihood and professional futures held hostage?
Quite simply, I believe they are paralyzed by fear. They are not sure what to do first. They fear making a mistake by going the wrong way or making the wrong choice. They have always been taught to know what to do and what to say. When they reach a point where they don’t know the answers they are afraid. Too many are afraid because there is something they don’t know and they fear that people will not respect them because they are asking for help. In the face of this fear, many just shut down, and take the path of least resistance.
The good news is, with appropriate tools, you too can develop the learned skill of making rapid and more effective decisions. That’s what I see from focused doctors. That is why focused doctors are or learn new ways to become true care givers, and not insurance pawns. In the process, they fall in love with their chiropractic practice once again. Their practice blossoms, financial security and fulfillment ensue.
Focused people know what they want to achieve, in specific, detailed terms. Successful doctors know this too, despite obstacles they might encounter along the way. They know there will be obstacles to overcome. They know that sometimes, getting help is the right way to overcome the obstacle.
Remember, you built your practice one step at a time. Solving difficult problems happens one step at a time as well.
(To Be Continued)

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