(Continued from yesterday) 
Number two: Strive to develop a comprehensive game plan, on an on-going basis for the rest of your life. Start where you are right now. Use the concepts and philosophies of “practicing on your own terms” as the facilitative tools they were designed to be. This can be done from any point your career, the earlier the better.
Number three: Identify attitudes and perceptions about money that may be blocking your accumulation pathway. Seriously, failure to thoroughly explore these issues is inviting certain disaster.
Number Four: Recognize the value of interacting with other like-minded people such as our membership on a regular basis. Quite often, personal growth is accelerated when you’re fully immersed in quiet reading and study, but especially while attending Teleseminars, “Breakthrough Sessions” and most especially mastermind and live events.
Number Five: Seriously consider working with Howard Stone and myself in early 2008 as we present together, “On your own terms – Transitioning for fun profit and fulfillment life and work”. Shortly, we will have more details, and will be jointly hosting a focus group for you on this exciting interactive program designed exclusively for health care professionals that could literally save you years of stress and many thousands of dollars.
Number Six: Enjoy the process of self-discovery and personal growth. Remember, you are part of one of the most gifted groups of human beings to ever walk the earth. Enjoy your patients. Love your families. But above all, plan now to live life to its fullest, at any age, every day!

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