Going Through The Changes? (Part III)

There is also another very significant issue here. That is that most of us are living far more active lives and longer in years than our parents, and certainly our grandparents.
The acclaimed author of “Too Young To Retire -101 Ways To Start The Rest of Your Life,” Howard Stone, (who joined us in Miami in October 2007) correctly calls these the bonus years. For many of us, the bonus years could last 30 to 40 years or perhaps even longer! Sadly, too many health care professionals are among the worst in planning for their bonus years. This quite frankly is due to the attitudes and perceptions about the “changes” we have just discussed.
With all this said, I have some practical suggestions.
Number one. Recognize, that the pace of the “changes” you will deal with does not slowdown, and if anything will accelerate.
(to be continued)

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