Next, let’s tackle decision making skills. Nothing is worse in my mind than an indecisive professional. It says “weak” to staff, and colleagues. It says, “I am not in the right place,” to your patients.
Here’s the real key. You get better at making decisions with the small stuff first! Now, I am NOT saying be hasty, just for expediency. I am saying – take all the essential data, and then act. Write it down on paper, in pro and con columns if need be on complex issues. This is where good old pen and paper still outperform everything. Of course if it’s not an emergency, apply more critical thinking time on potentially life changing issues.
Then just move on! And live with the results. That is how you gauge progress too. Remember, your entire life ‘til now is a by product of your decisions. If you’re not moving in the right direction, your decision making process still needs work.

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