Let’s take organization first. Specifically, some how tos.
This is as much a state of mind as everything else. And this is one area you can’t hide. Let’s be frank. Sloppiness spills over into many areas of life. It’s an attitude as much as anything. Remember, clutter creates chaotic results. As you expand and grow in practice and life, better organizational systems need to precede expansion for great results.
If your own office or desk is sloppy, everybody knows it! If you take a guest to lunch and your car is a dump, I believe your personal impact is greatly reduced, like it or not. And, your personal appearance says tons about you, before you utter a word.
Worse yet, misplaced or lost records or items in your practice can spell disaster. Literally. Law suits. Malpractice even!
The answer here again, lies in systems. To start with, you may only need very basic ones. Files, label makers, sharpies and bankers boxes are low tech solutions in many cases. Even better – electronic, paperless storage of documents. Do not underestimate this when planning or redesigning your work areas either! Get a HIPAA compliant recycler for anything outdated, or unneeded. This is real short money, way less cost than professional shredding companies. This not only frees up space, but valuable time as well. Just make sure you get that HIPAA certificate up front!
And do not underestimate what clutter actually does. It’s a mental and physical distraction, and in a professional setting can weaken your potential impact with staff, as well as patients and colleagues. So, get the clutter out! Hire an organizer if you need. At home, there are people you can hire for little money to take your unused stuff to sell, recycle, or give to the less fortunate. Again, do not underestimate what this does for personal productivity.

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