The Magnetic Power of Common Courtesy, Part III

In retrospect, it seems like the entire five days was magical. Not only did I get to spend some time with very special people from 20 different countries, but also was made feel right at home everywhere I went.
There is of course, a message here. People remember how they are treated at a more emotional level than they do the actual product or service they are seeking.
It is no secret that this type of attitude, a feeling from the top down in your office has substantial impact on patients to return, refer their family and friends. and take care their finances.
This of course is a key element of Practicing by Design ™. As much as possible, procedures must remain patient friendly. They must be easy for the staff to execute. They must be clear and easy to understand. Patient benefits must be stressed, but above all they need to be conveyed and delivered with exceptional courtesy.
(to be continued)

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