The Magnetic Power of Common Courtesy

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to St. Louis Missouri. This really turned out to be a fantastic trip! I got to mingle with other consultants and coaches from around the world and to spend additional time developing ideas for new services and products to bring to our clients in the next year.
Now, I have spent four years in the Midwest, attending National College, but admittedly it’s been some time. I had forgotten how common courtesy seems to permeate the entire culture of the Midwest, in stark contrast to those of the Northeast. Again, I don’t think this is just perception, because last week when I related my experiences to various colleagues they reported similar encounters. One even called us Yankees the “Grunt Society”.
Upon arrival at my hotel, I asked the concierge if Busch stadium was within walking distance. Fortunately, not only was the stadium within walking distance, but so were the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame, the famous Arch and National Park, and riverboat dock. Fortunately, it was a warm sunny afternoon so I ventured out for about two hours.
My first stop was the stadium. I spent considerable time admiring the architecture and how well it is cared for. As baseball stadiums go, this one is magnificent. While wandering through the stadium store, and wondered if my friends would consider me a traitor for bringing home an Albert Pujols T-shirt.
(To be continued)
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