At MGH on the first visit, the ENT does a CT. She saw me again the Tuesday before last, when I went to St. Louis. .
She will be having surgery ASAP for a massive sinus obstruction, probably due to huge polyps and debridement.
No wonder she had recurrent bronchitis. She was seeding herself with bacteria every day from the sinuses. Probably explains the headache and fatigue too.
Although I haven’t stopped looking for answers there yet either.
I told her, healthcare shouldn’t be this hard. She says there was no continuity in her care, both times now in two serious illnesses, with people not even bothering to take her seriously. Now she will be seeing MY PCP, (Dr AC, who did an earlier coaching call with our members) where patients don’t get mishandled like this.
The lesson here this week should be obvious. I built an enormous practice, at one point seeing 350 patients per week solo, by being a good doctor. First. Then I continuously developed fabulous systems second. And I have continuously refined and adapted these to the new times we live in.
First, be a good doctor. This is the only reputation you need or want. Then, fully develop all the modern systems to facilitate life on your terms, and maximize your full potential and personal fulfillment.

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