Learning from Champions, Part II

We are continuing our series examining what we can learn from strategies utilized by winning teams like the Red Sox. Yesterday we talked about how training must be impeccable and all positions must be covered. This is basic operating strategy for an effective practice. In order to effectively staff your practice, redundancy must be built into every position. Management of behind the scenes processes is crucial to ensuring efficiency, and ensuring that your team produces fabulous results.
When there is failure, each failure must be carefully examined and dissected. What lessons can be learned? What can be done to prevent a repeat in the future? Practical solutions are then developed to keep everyone moving forward, focused on the future, instead of wasting time fixating on the failures of the past.
Managers must continually meet with their team players. They must solicit input and feedback. Good managers value this information from team members and make every effort to incorporate reasonable suggestions into the playbook.
Ultimately though, the best decisions are made and executed by those with significant experience. This can be a challenge for any team. While watching the World Series, I was amazed by the number of young players on this year’s Red Sox and Rockies teams. These young players undoubtedly have the talent, but may not have the experience to make some of the hard decisions. And yet, throughout each game, there are a multitude of decisions that must be made almost instantly, with no time to spare.
Tomorrow we will talk more about strategies for building and managing a winning team.

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