As we discussed yesterday, winning teams like the new Red Sox make decisions that propel them toward success. What are some of these winning strategies?
They’ve shown focus, energy, and determination – this team has shown it all. They have displayed built-in, fabulous redundancy. It seems at least three people cover each position. Varying replacements for each position resulted in nearly perfect late season execution. During training, the team showed adherence to a variety of important principles, including specificity, focus, determination, and getting adequate periods of rest. Players were visibly aware of the mission statement and goals for the team.
So what can you learn from their example? There are many parallels here to professional practice.
A professional practice is not unlike a professional sports team. All members must play well, on a consistent basis. The rules must be posted. All members of the team know and follow them. Team members must be aware of your practice goals and mission. At every opportunity, Managers and Owners must reiterate the importance of both the rules and your practice goals.
Training must be impeccable and all positions must be covered. This is basic operating strategy for an effective practice. In order to effectively staff your practice, redundancy must be built into every position.
Tomorrow we will talk more about strategies for building and managing a winning team.

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