Whether you are a sports fan or not, you have to admit that the 2007 baseball playoffs and World Series games provided not only great entertainment, but significant life lessons.
Those of you who know me, know I am a life-long Yankees fan, and know how difficult this is for me to express. However it is entirely possible that the Red Sox have become the New Yankees! New York, despite being the highest paid team in the game, simply could not finish the job and become World Champions one more time.
There are several things that came to mind while watching the 2007 World Series unfold.
The first take away is the “New Red Sox” sense of purpose. A few years back, the new team owners wrote a new mission statement that included the following words: “We will win multiple world championships.” Clearly, this has not been forgotten. This attitude permeates every fiber of the team.
Apparently, those behind the scenes see to it that the players are continually reminded of this mission statement.
And although it did not exactly appear that way to outsiders in August, it may very well turnout that some of the strategies employed by the team (resting some key players, seemingly on the verge of letting a massive lead in the standings slip by) were brilliant after all.
This week we will discuss some of the decisions and strategies that helped to propel this team into the championships, and that you can employ in your practice, to propel you toward success.

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