When considering change, where do we start? Never change just for the sake of changing! You must always have an end in mind and a clear set of objectives as your benchmark.
A good example is marketing. Targets and goals are a must. If you cannot measure results for promotions, both internal and external, you have no data upon which to base the need for change. Spend more? Less? Change of media? Sub par performance in marketing campaigns necessitates change!
Conversely, if you can measure cost per patient or lead, numbers of new patients or leads, etc., you will have measurable results, and can make better decisions.
Always have data upon which to base change. This is where basic statistics and analysis are an enormous benefit.
In private coaching a major issue of focus involves the reluctance of doctors to act. Doctors are hesitant to actually implement changes in order to avert an impending crisis in poorly performing areas of their life or practice. This happens all too often, even when the doctor knows what needs to be done!
Remember, unsuccessful people are universally unwilling to do the work needed to take effective steps for change. Personal growth is about change. It’s about letting go of past ideas. It’s about finding new pathways, and fine-tuning for maximum results. Constant learning and upgrades. New skill sets.
Phenomenal results, and the life and practice of your dreams require introspection, work, and good coaching when you are either stuck or unsure of what to do next.
Please, let this be you!
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