How To Make the Right Changes

As I write this, it’s just after our Miami Superconference. I’ve got 3 hours before a late flight home (which is much better than some member stories from the start!). We finished up at Dolphins Stadium by watching the Patriots mow down the Dolphins. What a difference a year can make with a really phenomenal team and their coaching! We watched the entire field of blue and white outmaneuver their opponents on almost every play. These players and all their coaches really learned from last year to focus intensely on the goals (TDs) and make some urgently needed changes. And man – does it ever show in 2007! Undefeated.
And so it is with our PPW team, and all our players as well. What a year it’s been since Boston, our first Superconference. We have quintupled our active membership, coast to coast. Our preview conferences are international, as are our Perfect Practice Tips. Miami is another big step, and California is next!
What an event! My guests were nothing short of spectacular! Thank you all. I was so thrilled to meet our members from around the country in person. What a fabulous hotel, and environment in which to both play and learn. I was able to watch the interaction of all my members and guests, so ready and willing to grow, learn new skills and change. And despite Miami 2007 being held Friday afternoon through Sunday morning, with numerous guests and vendors, our membership almost universally told us you want even more next year!
Tomorrow I will talk more about what we learned together at this year’s conference, and about willingness to change and what that means for your and your practice.

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