Just after I finished my Sun AM Mastermind Breakfast, I decompressed, or rather, crashed. After that, I debriefed with my confidants and came up with a list of over 25 things that will be different, better or expanded next year. Initially, these items seemed trivial, but only a few hours later I realized the impact of these change will be enormous, and will benefit all of my doctors greatly – from today forward. The effects of our changes will be most evident as they work in harmony, next year and beyond.
As I observed you with my guest speakers and vendors and talked with you all, it reminded me that it really is the willingness to change that propels us all evermore towards success, happiness and personal fulfillment.
Doctors, you really teach ME so much, and I appreciate you very much for that.
But here is what my biggest take away was… Practicing DCs almost universally are ready to be Commanders of Change™. Unafraid to eject what’s not working or doing as well as it could be. Setting life up on their own terms. Doing the right thing, regardless of external pressures to compromise – even if it’s going to require extensive work.
The same course equals the same and sometimes poorer end results. If you are totally satisfied with the status quo in life and practice, that might not be so bad.
But if you are not completely satisfied with your results and circumstances, only a different course will produce new and better results.
So where do we start? Let’s talk about that – tomorrow!

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