Marketing Your Private Practice: Make the Time
Even the best marketing plan will not be effective if you don’t set aside dedicated time for implementation. Set aside a minimum of one hour per week where nothing else but calendar development and marketing implementation takes place. This time must be protected – it is non-cancelable and needs to be viewed as essential to practice development. Make sure that staff knows not to disturb you – no phone calls or interruptions should take place during this time.
Begin planning your marketing efforts. Brainstorm about marketing initiatives that make sense for your practice and target audience. Take a paper desk-size calendar and schedule the exact days and times when each step should be executed. Calendar only the items that you are sure you will be able to do completely and effectively, not halfway.
Plan your marketing so that it occurs more or less simultaneously, and not necessarily in a sequential manner. The reason for doing this related to the principle of massive action, which is often neglected in private practice marketing. This principle says that massive action equals massive results. In marketing, too many doctors try a haphazard step here or there. When they fail to produce the desired results, they become frustrated and actually abandon their marketing program. A much better way to approach marketing is to be sure that linked steps are performed simultaneously. You will be much happier with the end result approaching your marketing in this manner.
Tomorrow we will talk about how to maintain and strengthen ties with existing patients, develop referral sources, and more. Please feel free to join in on the discussion! We look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Dr. John Hayes, Jr.
Perfect Practice Web

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