Patient management, regardless of the type of
case is elementally very simple, and stress
free, BUT only if you start out exactly
right with the Mrs Joneses, from day 1.
I had a patient show up yesterday, in
agony, who just stopped treatment, 10
days ago (chronic post op LBP) “to
see what would happen”. The real reason
she stopped of course, it that even though
she had initially agreed to pay beyond
her 12 visit coverage, and she agreed
to be compliant, she did not want to
pay anything out of pocket.
Of course I did what I could to
alleviate her suffering, helped
her up, and said ” Mrs Jones, as we
discussed initially, if you fail
to follow my advice, I am forced to
discharge you from care.”
She looked absolutely aghast.
I proceeded to reiterate that not only
do non compliant patients not get
better, they become a professional
I think she finally got it. She knows
its not about the money, but her in her
own best interest. It remains to be seen
whether she will follow up or not.
In any event, this is practice today.
Hold your ground, be polite but firm, and
ever vigilant for patient encounters
that potentially create trouble for you
and your team.
Practice by design, on your terms, earn the
respect and income you deserve, and above all
get patients back to health who want it.
Remember what I say to patients,
“Mrs Jones, I can only be about your
health, not your insurance”.
Call Jess before 5PM EST
if you are serious about
joining a very progressive
group, which redefines the
very pillars of private
healthcare practices.
Welcome all new members!
See you in MIAMI.
Have a Great Day!

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