In order to really change, or grow in life and
in chiropractic practice we must learn to do it all.
All at once.
Mental, physical, spiritual and  practice
The REAL Secret to phenominal growth anywhere
in your life but most quickly evident is in your
practice! Its like a living, breathing entity, where
so many departments need attention.
Phenominal changes though only come to those
who can execute multiple actions at the same time!
In the office, this might be 3 siumultaneous
marketing campaigns, pushing collections efforts
and dealing with staffing inefectiveness, and
your own inefficiencies all at once!
To unlock The REAL Secret In your own life, try a
new attitude, nutrition and
fitness program, self education program all together,
and watch the rest of your life blossom.
But this is where many people have the biggest challenge,
learning to grow personally and professionally in this way.
This is precisely why here on, and culminating
October 19-21st in MIAMI, my
entire teams’ focus and energy is on helping you
learn to live, and “Practice by Design”!

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