Here is a program you can use to greatly boost
new and former patients, within 4 weeks,
and very good ROI.
The key is though,
you have to pull off ALL THE STEPS
simultaneously, otherwise
its effectiveness really diminishes.
1. Decide to Host some type of in office event.
set the date well ahead, get your staff roles in place.
Some great examples reside as .pdfs in
our classroom.
2. Direct Mail your entire patient list a newsletter with
the announcement highlighted. Be sure to
use J&R Graphics, for the best discounts,
and do this before postage increases on 5/14!
3. Send postcards to your local community, inviting
them to participate in the same event.
4. Assign telephone calls from staff to inactive patients,
just checking in and ask if they would like to
see you for follow up, during the event week.
5. Decorate the office with the theme of the event.
This really raises curiosity, and referrals.
6. Email your patient list every week, starting 4 weeks before
about the event, and any other practice announcements.
7. Host the event with fun and gratitude, and watch your practice
The Key? Massive, simultaneous ACTION!
For a very detailed step by step with
“done for you” themes and ideas,
order your copy of our
“Maximum Referrals” program
recently added in enrollment.
“Practice By Design” Info Packs and CDs are
still available. This is a fantastic opportunity
to develop the Chiropractic Practice of your dreams!
Call Jess and Kim before
MIAMI seats are filled.
phone 781-659-7989
fax 781-659-2360
Have a Great Day!!
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Rt 53
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