…its time to totally step back, regroup and put it all on paper. I was so reminded of this last week, as I was presenting my Teleseminar Core Module 1, designing, or redesigning your practice with “The End in Mind” .  
Now, keep in mind I practice what I advocate for my clients, and there have just been some things, not quite right in practice since January, simply because of rising overhead and poorer reimbursements, even with limited insurance participation. 
By Wednesday afternoon I had made major decisions about which services we continue to offer, changes in staffing, overhead etc in my own office.  
But here is the point. I made the changes, took immediate action, and formulated a new plan, all within a few short hours. I didn’t just say ‘I should’. 
Now, I am really excited again to see what the next quarter brings, in terms of higher productivity, reduced stress and life simplification.                                                            ~It’s all well and good to stew about, or tolerate what’s not working in practice and life, but those that get rewarded are the ones adapting, growing, and finding new ways of doing things. 
I also realize this is the greatest service Perfect Practice Web provides our members. We are facilitators of personal growth, at the same time low cost, high value and low maintenance too. 
Thank you for making us the company more DC’s are turning to for answers in today’s practices. We look forward to helping you grow too!

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