Staying Focused This is certainly the biggest issue for many of us in private practice. It is however critical to measurable results. No, somedays it’s not easy at all. But it is a trained, learned skill. And you can not stop, as long as you want to move forward. It does take some discipline. 
The good news is you can make it a habit. Your best results will come from a written reference. I still prefer a white legal pad. It should be the last thing you read in the PM, and the first you see in the AM. You should have at least your fundamental goals and targets, and game plan for the following day, even if it’s just a few words.  Working this way allows your subconscious mind to help clarify. Then, as we spoke about last time, you can really, comfortably “detach from outcome”, because you have gained clarity.  
Trusting (faith) in this process is another learned skill. Do as the greats in history have, and harness the power of your mind, by giving it clear, specific directions, and frequent mid course corrections. You will not be sorry! 

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