Getting to Yes!

The most challenging office visit for most doctorsis undoubtedly the patient report visit, and care recommendations.It does not have to be this way!  
In this one hour CD and DVD with workbook, I will show you precisely how to reorient your procedures step by step, so this becomes the most looked forward to and not the most dreaded patient encounter. I will personally walk you through how to sit one on one, with even the most difficult patient, and simply explain what’s in their best interest, and how to review finances, office policies and procedures, to obtain the best patient compliance and clinical results possible, in an honest manner. I won’t give you universal scripts, but instead teach you how to achieve the best results, while being completely open with your patients from the very first contact with your office. 
I have been teaching this approach to my colleagues for over 25 years, first by being a good doctor! This is straight forward and brutally honest, (definitely rated R!). You will learn the concepts of integrated systems, tools, and proper staff duties that run on a “Perfect Practice Platform”. 
After learning this step by step system, you will approach every patient with dignity and professionalism, not a bunch of BS! You will feel better about yourself knowing you have presented only the best possible guidelines for your patients’ journey back to health. And, get paid like a doctor. 
This unique learning system is available to Perfect Practice Web Members Only.  

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