I am just coming off 8 days in Fla., and NO,
it was not warm, most of the time! Mostly though
it was a great trip, combined with a light business
Any way, the reason for todays email is consumers
observations, but first a DCs observation.
We had dinner at an awesome Japanese restaurant
3 nights.
On Valentines Day, being served tapanaki (?) style
my brother and I sat with a couple from Daytona,
both RNS.
Friendly conversation came quick.
The Ladies dad has been a DC for many years.
She made a point of telling me, and six other
her dad has practiced for 23 years, and is not
  She went on to describe his family
practice, how his patients love him, and commented
he has made millions between practice and smart
Now, she said he was an old chiro (like me mind you!)
and he is loved and respected by the community
because he never forces care, only explains just
whats best,
and lets patients choose care. Has done so for 23 years.
She really went on and on, then her husband joined in
and I could see she was distressed about ‘other’ DC
encounters, personally and professionally. (And now I
am thinking, this is supposed to be vacation!)
In any event, we spoke about a rational approach to health,
by patients and DCs. And we both agreed
(as I have taught all my students)
the BEST approach by far is ‘all the cards on the table’
patient management and report of findings
and supporting the patients decisions, when you can
ethically do so,
AND ALWAYS having an open door for them to return!
So the obvious tip here is your reputation is EVERYTHING in
your practice and community.
Make sure you practice every day like this!
Now, this is just what we advocate in our
‘Creating YOUR Perfect Practice’ systems as well.
 And if you have not listened to ‘An Effective Second Visit’
 in a while,
do it again, as it addresses these very concepts.
Have an awesome day, and I will share more
stories about my adventures last week
with you later in the week.

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