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On Monday, I spoke about your reputation, and
how peoples perceptions of you and the profession
influence their decisions. I had some great feedback, so
thank you for that too.
(Kim and Jess have a couple
more bonus membership packages to go too.)
I had another experience last week that blew me away.
I have been vacationing in central Fla, for over 20 years
in February, and most years hit some favorite
restaurants. I am particularly fond of one, right
on an inlet, where the sunsets and birds are spectacular.
Its usually warm enough, and most seating is outside,
seafood is the claim to faim, served only fresh.
Anyways, the night before the big race down there
can be nuts, no matter where you try to eat. Despite that,
we went to my favorite on the inlet.
Keep in mind it has always been great. But this night, all
hell broke loose.
When we walked in, there was no bartender or hostess
on duty. None the less, we found seating at a spot at
the indoor bar with four other people. Thats when we got
They had each been there over 2 hours, and had not yet
seen their meal. Hot Appetizers were served cold. The 2
waiters were frantically running about. When we asked for
a manager, she was no where to be found. Within 45 mins,
we payed the bar tab, walked out, went down the road
to another restaurant, were immediately properly greeted,
watered and fed, with flair and gratitude.
We left full and happy within the hour, and left a generous
Now keep in mind, we were so disappointed at my favorite.
We will never look at that place the same again, after 20 years!
Somebody in charge screwed up, on potentially one of
the biggest nights of the year!
So, there are a couple points here. One is capacity.
Be ready when busy times are upon you!
Two, even long term patients can get pissed off!
But taking steps to soothe ruffled feathers when
screw ups happen, can go a long way.
Three, the big one out of my adventure- there
was no attempt at damage control, like a free round,
 some popcorn to munch, a circulating staff member
 with souvenirs, etc.
And that is just plain dumb. A business killer.
Now don’t ever let this happen in your office.
Make sure staff are properly trained to handle
these bumps in the service road.
Want to learn much more? Call or email my team.
We have the only NO BULL approach to todays practice,
… guarenteed.
Call Jess or Kim, or go right to enrollment.
Have a Great Day!

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