Dear Dr.,
Have you Googled yourself lately? If not, I
strongly suggest you do, because patients,
their friends and families are Googleing
you and you don’t even know it! More
and more patients are telling me, because
I always ask how they found me.
I am seeing this more and more in my office, and
those of my clients. Consumer savy patients,
especially 25-35 years old are thoroughly researching
their “teams” of Drs and other professionals.
For example, patients that Google me know
(and you would too) that
I practice Chiropractic, consult with Drs,
sponsor a race car team, and have a
100 ton Merchant Mariners License, and
in the summer will charter my boat.
(Now, this combination seems strange to
some, but trust me, my other
captain friends are psychologists,
a school administrator/author/ski instructor/tackle
company owner and one even
consults in labs at MIT).
This stuff is all you and me, like it or not.
So, my best advice is always be 100% transparent
with your patients. They do not want stuffed shirts
for their Drs anymore!
Besides, it makes you human
to them, and this will make or break many relationships
in the office.
Have a Great Day!
Dr. John, Jessy and Kim

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