Regaining Perspective…

Dear Dr.,
I spent the weekend at Dr. Dan Murphys seminar.
If you have never heard Dan speak, or its been
a while, make sure you do so! This was my 3rd or
4th time.
Sitting there with our colleagues reminded me about
how removed from pupose we can become, just dealing
with “stuff”, and easily lose the “innate” perspective.
We thus may be guilty of (like me)
failing to communicate this vital concept to staff and
especially patients EVERY day. So, I spent the
pre superbowl hours making lists of changes, new
services and resources I can offer in the office, and
additional things I can do for my patients TODAY.
And, like all of us, you must do the same on a regular basis.
ALSO: OUR EMAIL SERVICES both at our office, and home office
will be interupted this week, as we upgrade both locations
to FIOS web service. Thus we ask you to please CALL US
so we do not miss a thing you may need.

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