So what’s the perfect practice? That’s the question I have been asked many times in the last 2 weeks, as our upcoming No Bull conference is growing. Here’s my perfect practice. 
1.     The emotional and financial rewards are greater then the stress levels, all the way around.2.     It’s easy to maintain excellent clinical records (which really can avoid huge amounts of stress).3.     Time sensitive marketing is on autopilot, mapped out, executed by staff in a timely manner, after the input of my creative energy.4.     Staff rarely gives me grief. Honestly. My staff always knows where they stand, both by policy, and great open lines of communication.5.     Patients say thank you frequently, complaints are rare. Same with my staff.6.     Patients want to be in our office, actively seek better home care, ask about nutrition and exercise programs. We don’t force feed any education, it’s simply there, just like with my staff. And it gets asked for all the time.7.     We draw our lines in the sand with nasty insurance personnel, and don’t participate in junk plans. We tell our patients why, most of them get it, and still choose our office.8.     I don’t cringe when my payroll is taken out, as staff produces revenue for me.9.     I feel lucky to be able to really help patients who need the extra mile.10. I never stress about new patients, as we always have plenty. Largely in the form of self generating referrals from simply excellent office procedures.11. I like sharing all this with other docs (you!), and watch them change their lives, and those around them for the better. 

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