A Private Practice Caveat …

What Doctors forget the most? The primary item forgotten by most businesses, but especially in most Drs Offices is frequent contact with their existing patient base. Most offices quite frankly fail miserably in collecting and organizing data such as email, mailing addresses, etc, so it becomes a major job to maintain any type of regularity of contact (newsletters, announcements, etc) 
This is a huge mistake, as study after study across many offices has proven it costs far less to have former patients return to you for new conditions, than it does for you to procure new ones.  What we teach are simple systems, run by support staff to do all this work for you automatically. You then will want to check on it at least monthly, but better weekly. Also, remember “Perfect Practice Philosophy of Creative Energy” in practice, and where this actually comes from! If you miss out on this one, the costs are high professionally and financially!

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