Nothing, and I really mean nothing, will move you forward faster in office management than clear, brief written communications which are discussed, and then adapted as policy. Ultimately, these should reside in your office manual. At any stage of practice, you should make sure all policies are clear, updated as needed and disseminated to all staff persons, (even if it’s just you right now new Doctors). For, example, one of the ways to greatly decrease office stress is to have a very clear list of Patient Policies. In our office, these are 2 part NCR, and must be signed by each patient or guardian prior to examination. With staff, we advocate a basic manual, with policy changes and additions disseminated in writing, and reviewed on a regular basis. Recent examples in our office include policies on scheduling by the front desk (one exam to the next), and clarification of collection of payments at or before the time of service. Seems simple on the surface, but at any stage of practice both become major issues, unless you clearly communicate to patients and staff alike. Take your most pressing office problem, break it down like this, act upon it, and share your results with your fellow members and guests.

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