Just what makes your practice unique? 
Probably, quite a bit, because the beauty of private practice is that you tailor it to your likes, dislikes, hours, procedures, etc. Extraordinary practices communicate this to their patients and their community by effective “positioning”. But most offices never effectively communicate this, and thus they leave a tremendous marketing opportunity on the table. And I am not talking about big buck campaigns here, just simply what your staff and your patients perceive, as to why they should be with and refer patients to YOU! 
So, today, start to weave a common thread into staff meetings, patient newsletters (which you do every month, right?) and even your phone messages. The quickest way to do this is to make a list. Staff is really good at this part, and will gladly help you. Next, use simple tag lines, like “Four Nights a week ‘til 7 PM” (which is ours at HSG) in all your communications. 
This simple measure will start to drive more referrals to your practice, with very little expenditure of $ or effort. Why not do it today? This is “Gorilla Marketing “at it’s finest. 

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