If you haven’t already tried this tip, I suggest you adopt it for 2 weeks, and tell me if it does not make a huge difference. 10 minutes before starting a patient shift, gather all your team in a private area. Have a copy of your Schedule, New Patient Log, and Missed appointment log. Go over each briefly, with the entire team. Make sure full communication is present amongst your players. Make sure your Team Captain (even if its you) are acting as the moderator. Ask for suggestions to anticipate tougher spots in the day from the players, and put them into play if you can. Be a good listener. Then start your day with some energy and focus, as a team.  Just doing this alone can have a huge impact on your practice.  Here’s a challenge to all clients and guests. Try this your next full week. Then email us or post to our Blog the results. I look forward to sharing your experiences.   

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